Short Story English Translation

A king was old, he had three sons. The king wanted to choose a wise heir from among them.

He made three rooms, no windows were made in those rooms. So it was dark in the rooms.

He called the three sons and gave them an equal amount of money. Ordered them to buy any item with this money and fill their room completely.

The king’s sons started thinking about it with their own friend circle. One’s friends advised that in such a small amount, you can buy scrap and fill the room. Other’s friends advised that by buying cardboard with such an amount, one can fill the room.

The friends of the third son were very understanding. They all looked at the room, thought, and gave their own suggestion. One of them said that you buy a match stick and candle.

When the exam day came. The king saw a room full of scraps, he felt that if something is fine, what will come in this amount. Then he saw the room full of cardboard, impressed felt it is better than before.

When he saw the third son’s room, at first he was a little upset seeing the room empty. His third son said, Father, you come in and he will fill it now. He took out the match and candle and lit it. The whole room was filled with light. The king happily embraced his son and had found his heir.

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Amrik Khabra representative for Khabra Electric Ltd.

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